Dusty & Contessa


"My name is Dusty. In 2001 I came to Cintsa Horses and Newhampshire Equine Rescue and Rehab Centre with my best friend Contessa. She's a very pretty Boerperde and I'm a very sturdy Nooitgedachte. We aren't rescue horses. Georgie's Dad gave her some money to buy two horses as they'd lost Bluey and Twizzy, two of their best trail horses in the AHS season[African HorseSickness]. Contessa and I were up for sale as our owner had a new baby and her partner said she wouldn't cope with all of us, he was just jealous. 

Georgie sent Tanja and Penny to check us out they couldn't agree on whether we would be suitable. So Penny said I was too small [changed her mind since though] and Tanja said Contessa was too 'green', I was 7 years old when I came here and Contessa 5 years. She had a bit of a problem with her one hoof, our previous owner did not have a very good farrier, but Georgie's got the best! His name is Anton Lotter and he knows how to bring the best out in us when it comes to our feet. Penny and Tanja in the end decided to take us both home, what a great decision! 

I went into work straight away. Georgie, Penny and Tanja kept Contessa at the centre till Anton had fixed up her foot, I really missed her to start off with but quickly made friends with all the other horses. Except a nasty little guy called Flicker, he bit me on my withers and they wouldn't ride me till it healed. At that time Contessa was over with me and the other trail horses and we started to canter down the beach together. 

Contessa and I have worked really hard over the years, we've seen horses come and go and we've helped a lot of the horses at the rehab centre by working. Penny does all the trails and loves me to bits. She knows she can trust me with anything from a 5 year old kid to a pensioner who's never ridden before. But if she puts and experienced rider on me I like to give them 'arun for their money. 

Contessa has been back at the centre for a couple of years she had an injury that just wouldn't come right so she was rested, they even thought of putting her with Black Georgie's Percheron stallion. I was really cheesed off about that but nothing came of the relationship. Not to worry I became really good 'buddies' with Zummerol he's the best looking Friesian I've ever seen. Actually the latest news is she's coming back to work with us but she's paled up with Harvey. He's also a good looker and much younger than me now, he's Chacha's son, she used to be Penny's lead horse but is in semi-retirement still goes out on the odd hack. She loves to be ridden by Penny, Chacha is 37 years old but when ridden she's like 'a spring chicken'. I can totally understand that. But I prefer going down that beach with a child on my back which I can take care off. So if your family is planning to join us for a ride, you really don´t have to worry about your children at all. 

Well guys that's very much a shortened version of my life with Cintsa Horses, just have to cut a long story short sometimes.“