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With 51 horses to feed the farm goes through 2 tons of food a week! Volunteer fees assist in covering the costs of grain.

Caring for the Horses


Volunteers work closely with the horses daily. In addition to feeding and grooming, maintenance includes dipping for tick prevention, farrier visits, and making sure everyone is healthy.

Saturday Night Braai


Everybody's favorite day! Enjoy the South African style of barbeque with German sausage, pork rashers, farm raised beef steaks, salads, and pap and gravy! 

Babies on the Farm


Even though it started with the horses, the farm is host to chickens, donkeys, pigs, peacocks, geese, sheep, and the occasional owl.  Volunteers that stay for a longer period of time and have some experience can work with some of the younger horses.  

Friends for a Lifetime


Volunteers come from all over the world and stay in a flat on the farm. The work day starts at 7am and typically finishes around 5pm.

Experience South Africa


Visit nearby game reserves to catch some of Africa's wildlife


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