Dusty & Contessa


It has been promised for a while, and here we go with Dustys and Contessa´s story. As Contessa is currently taking a nap, Dusty is going to tell their story.

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My name is Mteta, which in Xhosa Language means "to talk". I’m 33 years old now. I’ve been with Georgie and her family since 2002 when they accepted me and eight of my friends from the stock theft Department in the Transkei 350km’s away. Penny used her 21st birthday money for transport for us all to come to Newhampshire Rescue and Rehab Centre. 

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Punch is totally blind through no fault of her own, but through disease and human error.  This is her story.

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This handsome guy is so incredibly sweet, he's learning that life isn't a race.

Ben & BB


Another pair of siblings!

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Bali & Barney


The new kid on the block and his mum.  

Isn't he a looker?

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Stepper, Joe, Gia


These three have loads of potential, some day you might just see them on the Cintsa beach.

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Horses That Cannot Be Ridden


Some due to physical issues, some psychological, these horses are living out their lives in the field with their friends.

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This sweet girl used to be on the beach but old injuries caught up with her and she's now enjoying her retirement on the farm.

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Inca & Nuns


These girls came to the farm from the track looking for a second chance.

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Cornetta was rescued from a very cruel background by a couple who no longer stay on their farm.  They asked if she could come to us as they had so little time to spend with her. Cornetta has trust in Penny and myself, but even so, her constant nervousness is from fear.  She’s a pretty coloured pony who trusts no one, very hard to work with as she only knows that attack is her only defense.



  Willow came to us from a riding school environment. A very pretty coloured pony.  Unfortunately we never get the full history of the horses we rescue and don’t know enough about their past treatment, we think this little girl has been treated very badly over the years.



  Fudge is an old girl.  She came to us with Dash about 7 years ago, they were both older horses from a farm that had been sold and there was no one to look after them or find homes, they were also going to be euthanized. The farm manager and his wife contacted us and asked if we would accept them, but they must stay together. We collected them from Port Alfred about 300 kms away.  After settling in, we found they were both suitable for the trails so they worked for a short while, Dash being a steadfast old man, Fudge just a little too lively for clients was used as a lead/backup guide. We lost Dash to old age 2 years ago, but Fudge is still going strong and takes experienced volunteers on the hacks on the farm.



Dollar was from the same yard as Nuns. He came to us as a colt, it was going into winter, and the owners weren’t prepared to pay for him to be gelded.  Plus, we had just gone through an awful drought, which meant they would have to buy in food for the winter. So once again an unwanted soul. Dollar’s temperament was not very good before he was gelded but has improved.  He is on a loan basis to a friend of ours.

Cintsa Horses


These guys are giving meaning to the motto "horses working for horses."  If you've ever come for a beach ride with us, some of these faces will look familiar.

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