Arriving at the farm


Penny used her 21st birthday money for transport for us all to come to Newhampshire Rescue and Rehab Centre. Here we were looked after and they gave us a reason to be nice to humans again. It took a while for us to recover from our previous lives but I feel better now. 


I wasn´t the only horse rescued from the Transkei in 2002. We all were in terrible condition. The damage to my whithers and back from ill fitting tack, and the injuries to my vertebrae were visible as there was no skin covering them. I didn´t have much weight on, neither did my friends.


Girlie, a good friend of mine and a trail horse in Cintsa as well, came with me this way. And this is the best chance to briefly tell you about the other friends that travelled with us; we had to say ‘cheerio’ to a few of them. They’re in the ‘paddock in the sky’ with all their mates, Pegasus, Mattie and Peanuts one was Cushing’s disease, the other two old age. It happens to the best of us and the only guarantee we have in life. Storm went to a really good home as a trail horse on a game farm, Timmy is with two young kids that lost their Dad they were 8 and 11 years when this happened he’s helped them a lot. And Vicky is with a lad that had Cerebral Palsey, she was a nasty little mare, but those two just helped each other so much. Imbi had one eye he went to a really nice farm not far from us and helps with stock control, we still keep in touch.


I’m getting on in years now so they say I’m like a grumpy old man, they forget when I was younger they used to refer to me as a social degenerate and I always had to ride at the back of the group because I’d try to bite even my friends. Got to have a bit of fun out there! I’m sure a lot of you that are reading this know me, all you kids and volunteers who have come and ridden me and you, girls and guys that have helped and been kind to us.