This is her story


We bought Punch and her sister Judy at an auction in 2004. Punch was two and a half and Judy a year younger. We waited for about 18 months before we started backing and working them under saddle. They were big girls but very gentle and ideal to use on our beach trails. Both girls had suitable temperaments and worked on the beach since 2007 with anything from an absolute beginner through to experienced riders. Our trail horses work for the less fortunate on the farm hence our logo ‘Horses Working for Horses’.

In May 2017 we had a pathological test done on a growth in Punch’s eye.  Results confirmed it was cancerous. On the 25th May, we had her right eye surgically removed and she was back on the beach within 3 months.

Sunday 25th of March 2018 we noticed a problem with Punch’s left eye and called the vet immediately, meds were prescribed and treatment started to deal with the problem. By Thursday when we fed she appeared to be totally blind, once again the vet was called and she was treated. We had great concern over her condition and asked for a second opinion.

Our second vet gave a diagnosis and started treatment, but informed us she was totally blind and was unsure whether he could save the eye globe. With this information we knew we had to bring her home to our rehab centre, but being blind how are we going to load 650kg’s of blind Percheron into a 2 berth horse box? Punch being the trusting soul she is, was loaded within 10 minutes, it’s only the second time in her life she had been transported in this way, she knew we were trying to help her.

Punch is now at home, we managed to save her eye-globe, but not her sight we ride her daily on flat ground and she knows with someone on her back she has eyes.

We need help for Punch she needs a kiddie-proof camp and shelter of her own, post, rail and wire reinforcement we’ve erected a small temporary area but not sufficient should she be in a panic situation.

To all of you out there who are reading this we’re not asking for millions just a bit of help, this is a ‘Please Help Punch’ campaign.