Horses That Cannot Be Ridden




Victor was born on the farm. His Mum was a Welsh Mountain pony, also rescued, and his Dad what we refer to in South Africa as a ‘Transkei Special’. Victor was born on the 5th of November ‘Gun Powder Treason and Plot’ English history for Guy Fawkes who tried to blow up the English Parliament, I think this describes Victor he’s quite a naughty guy.




Hoax has been with us for approximately 5 years.  He’s a quarter horse cross, a big strong boy but unfortunately not a riding horse.  He has back problems, after 10 to 15 minutes of riding bucks horribly from what appears to be pain.  He was signed over to us by a young girl who no longer had a home for him. She was trying to sell him but because of the obvious back problem couldn’t and she no longer had the finances to keep him.  He’s a good natured boy and is sponsored by Lyn Nardizzi from the UK at £20 a month.





Mitch was born on the farm from Penny’s original lead horse for the beach trails. Bit of a spirited girl and a handful, she occasionally gets ridden on the farm when we have a suitably able volunteer, we have tried re-homing her but have had no success. Mitch has been a companion to Hoax for the last couple of years.




Corey’s Mum, Sam, was bought at another irreputable auction. Also a hard working trail horse who came to us with ‘foal at foot’ being Corey. He has never been backed due to a deformation in his back, pin bones out of place, he is also used as a companion horse..




Morgan is a horse that suffers with A.D.H.D.  We always laugh at him because we didn’t think horses suffered with such a thing. Morgan came to us as an unwanted foal.  A woman bought a mare not knowing it was in foal and the foal became another ‘throwaway.’ This is so sad as anyone that knows horses will tell you a horse knows you long before you know him, he senses your feelings straight away. Morgan is backed and goes forward for someone with experience once again we’ve tried a rehoming him to no avail.





Blue came to us with 3 other horses. Sunny we managed to re-home, Destiny we had to say ‘cheerio’ to far too much physical and mental injuries, and Ganga, the only one we managed to rehab to be suitable for trails. Blue is a rising 4 mare who has just produced a foal, a mule.  We had a donkey called Domino, who was still a young stallion, escaped once and the babe which is a mule was born last week. Blue is a very pretty grey pony but has an awful confirmation due to careless breeding.  She has an old injury to her back leg and if she lies down on her left side she can’t get up on her own, we have to roll her and help her up.

We’ve heard nothing from the former owners since. this is a regular occurrence when horses are brought to us, promises of we’ll come and see him/her and we’ll buy some food. Then they go away and you never see them again.